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Material Culture of the Prairie, Plains, and Plateau

Vendor Information

MCPPP welcomes speakers and attendees to bring items for sale so long as they are related to historic Prairie, Plains, and Plateau material culture. Items such as tanned hides and furs, beads, completed reproduction or original beaded and quill work pieces, rawhide, jewelry, craft materials like beads, quills, hair pipe, etc., and related items such as books and western art are also permitted.


There is no additional cost for a vendor table or space so long as one is a paid registrant (or a speaker) at the conference. Vendors are responsible for the set up and tear down of their vendor table/space and ensuring that area is left clean and free of debris. MCPPP and/or the host facility assumes no liability for any lost/missing/stolen/damaged vendor items though we do ensure that the facility secures the conference vendor area when attendees are not present.